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What a great place for kitesurfing and windsurfing, Bonaire is! And of course for a lot of other sailing sports. The wind is almost always present, with the exception of the months in which the hurricanes in the north of the Caribbean are active – usually September and October – because then the wind sometimes completely disappears! In the remaining months, an average wind speed of 16 knots is measured with a maximum of around 30 knots (about 55 km/h).

But there is more to do! The Sunwise family have put their favorite activities on the water at a glance:

KITESURFING – This relatively young branch of the sailing sport, also called kiteboarding, is increasingly being practiced on Bonaire. Atlantis Beach is the place to be!
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WINDSURFING – The ideal conditions at Lac Bay provide a beautiful ‘practice slope’ for beginners and a challenging training area for the toppers.
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WAKEBOARDING – Allow yourself to be pulled by a speed boat and dance on the wakes. The quiet west side of Bonaire is perfect for wakeboarding!
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SAILING – Sailing is one of the most relaxing pursuits that we can imagine. The complete peace and quietness, the feeling of freedom. And that’s certainly true for the Bonaire area!
Sail the azure Caribbean Sea here!

KAYAKING – On Bonaire our guests can kayak in two places: around the mangrove forests on the southeast and in front of the west coast, at sea.
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MOTORBOATING – The ideal mean of transport to sail along the west coast of Bonaire is a motorboat. Enjoy the beautiful coastline and, who knows, dolphins!
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