Bonaire Golf

Mini golf with a theme!

Challenging themes such as Wild Animals, World Cities and Pirates of the Caribbean, provide a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere with Karin and Hans Bohmer, known from the popular “Ik Vertrek” series in the Netherlands.

Ik vertrek

The television show “Ik Vertrek” (in Dutch) is about emigrating people whose adventure nine times out of ten, does not turn out as they had hoped and thought. How differently did Hans and Karin go, because by persevering, in spite of all the setbacks, just following their dream, they have created something amazing!

BusinessBorrel Bonaire

A week before the opening, the popular BusinessBorrel Bonaire were guest at Flamingo Adventure Golf Bonaire, where 200 entrepreneurs and enterprising employees could already have a taster of the soon-to-be-opened mini golf course.

We are fan!

As far as we are concerned, this is an ideal pastime for families with children, divers on their last day for flying, company outings and just for fun, on a Sunday afternoon. The Sunwise team are a fans of Flamingo Adventure Golf!