Bonaire Windsurfing

Fun under ideal circumstances

Windsurfers come to Bonaire all year round, but September and October can sometimes be windless, because of the north of the Caribbean that suck away all the wind. That is why the months from February to August are actually the most suitable. In these months an average wind speed of 15 knots is measured with a maximum of 30 knots.
Windsurfers from all corners of the world have this unique location high on their wish list. The constant onshore wind ensures that windsurfers, including beginners, stay neatly in the shallow, warm waters of the lagoon. These perfect conditions, together with the beautiful picture, ensure that Lac Bay is regularly high in the overviews of best windsurf spots worldwide.

Bonaire Windsurfing brings champions!

Bonaire has a good number of professional windsurfers who lead the world rankings, including the world champion freestyle windsurfing 2013, Kiri Thode. These windsurfing professionals train almost every day at Lac Bay, which is really great to see. Our guests can also follow clinics with them. That is something like getting a tennis training from Roger Federer!

Three windsurf schools and shops

The three windsurfing centers at Lac Bay, both offer professional instructors and up-to-date equipment:
Dunkerbeck Pro Center.
Bonaire Windsurfing Place.
Jibe City.