Kayaking Bonaire

In the mangroves or at sea!

The mangrove forest on the north side of Lac Bay in the southeast of Bonaire, is what we call the breeding ground of the ocean. The enormous numbers of various reef fish species around the island bring their offspring here and this protected nature reserve is also an important breeding ground for many exotic birds. As a result, the mangroves have an enormous ecological value and are therefore fully protected.

Only possible with guide

Exploring this area in a kayak is only possible under the expert guidance of a local guide. These kayak trips, often in combination with snorkeling, are offered to a limited extent in order to minimize the pressure on the vulnerable ecosystem of the mangrove forest.
The Mangrove Info Center offers these tours and many of our guests have experienced this tour as one of the highlights of their Bonaire holiday!

Also on the Caribbean Sea

Kayaking in the Caribbean Sea can basically be done along the entire west coast, but also in Washington Slagbaai National Park, conditions are perfect! The water is slightly rougher over there, but the untouched nature makes the extra effort worth it!
Kayaks for use at sea can be rented at various water sports centers on the island, including at Jibe City on the borders of the windsurfing paradise, Lac Bay.