Sailing Bonaire

Azure waters, possibly dolphins

Sailing on the Caribbean Sea around Bonaire is a truly unforgettable experience. Because of the constant wind and relatively flat water on the west side, there are very favorable sailing conditions, but also because of the beautiful water, the beautiful coastline of the island and the chance to encounter, for example, dolphins or even whales, provide a lasting wonderful memory to the holiday on Bonaire.

The Bonaire Regatta

Together with Carnaval and Dia di Rincon the Bonaire Sailing Regatta, that is held every year in October, belongs to the biggest events on the island. The regatta is one of the annual happenings for the population and public life on Bonaire is quiet during this week: like many companies and stores, schools are closed and there is a huge party atmosphere.

Sailboat rental on Bonaire

There is a number of companies that rent sailboats on Bonaire, with or without a captain:
Caribe Watersports
Compass Sailing Zeiltrip Bonaire