Kitesurfing Bonaire

Constant conditions make it great

The home base of all kiters on Bonaire is called Atlantis Beach, or very often also called Kitebeach Bonaire. Our island is known by the entire kite world for being one of the best kitesurfing sites in the world and that is mainly due to the constant conditions.

Sea water of 28 degrees Celsius

With an average air temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, a seawater temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius and unique, constant offshore wind conditions, indeed it is possible that this is the best place for kiting. And do not be surprised when you are visited by sea turtles or a group of dolphins, while sailing!
The surroundings of Atlantis are also very relaxed for spectators. On the beach there is music, wi-fi, lounge cushions and cool drinks.

Kitesurfing lessons with two schools

In order to master all those great moves and to learn how to jump with kitesurfing, for example, our guests can go to one of the two schools at Atlantis Beach Bonaire kitesurfing:
Kiteboarding Bonaire is the kite school with more than 16 years of experience in teaching and with a 100% track record when it comes to safety.
Bonaire Kitesurfing school offers professional training programs, the latest equipment and functional safety measures such as helmets, life jackets and safety systems on the kites.