Things to do On Bonaire

Fun excursions!

Although there is a lot of water on Bonaire – logical for an island – there is plenty to do on land! Elsewhere on this website we have already given a selection of the beauty of nature on Bonaire and we have shown our favorite restaurants and best beach bars, but below you will find a selection of the best things to do in Bonaire, activities and island tours on Bonaire. Of course, there are also fantastic trips that can be made on the water and you will find the operators on the page about snorkeling!

CAVE TOURS BONAIRE is the leading and a very experienced cave company on Bonaire.
Discover the Bonairean caves with CTB here!

BONAIRE LANDSAILING ADVENTURES – offers unique, safe, adrenalin-filled fun for the whole family.
Find out here how much fun sailing on is!

FLAMINGO ADVENTURE GOLF – mini golf with 18 holes, each with a different theme. Ideal for a pleasant afternoon with the family!
Visit Bonaire’s adventure mini golf here!

BEE CARIBE ISLAND ESCAPE – with an escape game the history of Bonaire comes to life! In different routes you follow a quest over the island, through an application on your smartphone.
Discover Bonaire in the most modern way!

For more suggestions on things to do in Bonaire, ask your Sunwise hostess or host!