Bonaire Watersports, in the water!

Diving, snorkeling and more

On Bonaire almost everything is about water, so there are many activities and sports imaginable that take place in, on or around the water. The Sunwise Bonaire team have collected a number of favorite activities in the water based on our personal experiences.

Selection water sports Bonaire

SCUBA DIVING – Bonaire is known worldwide for its simple side dives. The island is also called ‘shore dive capital of the world‘ and the reason why is obvious!
Make the most beautiful shore dives on Bonaire here!

FREEDIVING – Enjoy the freedom to explore the underwater world without heavy diving equipment. Follow a freediving course and learn to control your possible fears.
Experience the freedom of freediving here!

SNORKELING – Bonaire is one of the top snorkel destinations in the world and our island is regularly found in top-5 lists when it comes to best snorkel locations.
Explore the most beautiful reefs here, snorkeling!