New Airline Schedules Bonaire 2018-2019

Considerable expansion of possibilities!

Not too long ago it could be quite complicated to get to our small island in the Caribbean Sea. The major airlines only flew occasionally to Bonaire, but luckily we see that change now. Especially for our guests from North America, there will be a considerable expansion of the possibilities in the near future!

Winter season 18/19

Through the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, we have received all the airlines schedules for the upcoming winter season, from the Bonaire International Airport.

This will be the airline schedule for (the rest of) 2018 and 2019, the local carriers like InselAir, Divi Divi and Aruba Airlines excluded:

United Airlines, through March 30, 2019:

Every Saturday from New York Newark Liberty International, departing at 08:49am (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. UA1422/1420)

United Airlines, through March 31, 2019:

Every Saturday from Houston George Bush Intercontinental, departing at 12:21pm (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. UA1402/1401)

American Airlines, through December 15, 2018:

Every Saturday from Miami International, departing at 12:20pm (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. AA1379)

American Airlines, from December 19, 2018 through March 30, 2019:

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from Miami International, departing at 12:05pm (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. AA1379)

Delta Airlines, through December 16, 2018:

Every Saturday and Sunday from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, departing at 09:46am (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. DL380/672)

Delta Airlines, from December 21, 2018 through January 3, 2019:

Every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, departing at 09:45am (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. DL380/672)

Delta Airlines, from January 4, 2019 through March 30, 2019:

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, departing at 09:45am (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. DL380/672)

Sunwing, from December 16, 2018 through April 21, 2019:

Every Sunday from Toronto Pearson International, departing at 10:00am (direct flight to Bonaire v.v. WG200/201)


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Sint Maarten Princess Juliana International, departing at 05:45pm (stopover on Curacao v.v. WM0806/0805)

KLM, through March 30, 2019:

Every day of the week from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, departing at 12:35pm (stopover on Aruba v.v. KL765/767/769)

TUI, through March 28, 2019:

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, departing at 11:30pm (stopover on Curacao v.v. OR365/366)


Review Cuba Compagnie Bonaire

Reading time: less than 1 minute.

A taste of Havana!

For those who can not travel to Cuba here is a taste of Havana. They make a really good Mojito with Cuban rum to get you started. Great selection like in Cuba of seafood, chicken or pork. Great service and a very nice atmosphere with decorative items that have been brought from Cuba.

Louis D. – Columbia, South Carolina


The source of this review is the rating page of Cuba Compagnie Bonaire at: TripAdvisor

Bunita Bista

Cuba Compagnie Bonaire is just a few miles from the lovely residential area ‘up the hill’, Santa Barbara! In that neighborhood, overseeing Kralendijk and Klein Bonaire, we have the superb villa Bunita Bista for rent for our guests!

Review Foodies Bonaire

Reading time: less than 1 minute.

Excellent lunch!

Foodies is relatively new to Bonaire and is located on one of the nicer spots of the island. Nice setting combined with really good food and great service. We had a really good lunch here. Thanks!

MvdK01 – Heemstede, The Netherlands


The source of this review is the rating page of Foodies Bonaire at: TripAdvisor

Kas Rolo

Foodies Bonaire is just 6.4 km from Sabalpalm Villas, where we have the lovely Kas Rolo for rent!

KLM flight to Bonaire extended

Reading time: less than 1 minute.

Until the summer of 2018

Tourism Corporation Bonaire and Koninklijke LuchtvaartMaatschappij (KLM) announced that its winter flight is now extended till October 23rd, 2018. KLM included in its flight itinerary, a new flight service between Amsterdam-Bonaire-Aruba-Amsterdam on Tuesday which already started in the month of November, 2017. This flight is now extended till summer 2018. The plane designated for this flight is a A330-200, with a capacity of 268 passengers.

Tour operators informed

KLM informed all Trade and travel agents on this extended flight. TCB will participate with a marketing support program to help boost the flight and increase Bonaire’s exposure within KLM platform and distribution channels.


Source: Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Second season Sunwing Canada confirmed!

Reading time: less than 1 minuut.

Tot de zomer van 2018

Sunwing (not to be confused with Sunwise 🙂 ) has confirmed the second winter season 2018/2019 to Bonaire. Tourism Corporation Bonaire is in conversations with Sunwing in order to include more marketing efforts this would mean that Bonaire will be included in the Sunwing Main Brochure. Bonaire will be featured in the outside back cover, this will be sent out to the Sunwing Trade partners across the country in two languages.

Online and offline activities.

Sunwing partners are requested to actively promote their properties, based on their marketing efforts and distribution channels, both offline and online.

Source: Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Divi Divi Air introduce their new Twin-Otter planes

Reading time: less than 1 minute.

Tot de zomer van 2018

Divi Divi Air introduced their new DHC-6 Twin-Otter aircraft on January 29th, 2018 during an official inaugural flight. The aircraft has19 seats which is still a relatively small aircraft, but does represent an expansion of capacity of more than 100% compared to the Britten-Normander aircraft that the company has been flying with up to now which accommodates up to 9 passengers.

Congratulations to all!

Divi Divi Air, on the other hand, has been a household name for over 17 years on the route between Curaçao and Bonaire. The society is characterized by small scale, personal attention and – especially for local concepts and high punctuality. Congratulations Divi Divi Airlines Owners, Management Team and Staff!

Bron: Tourism Corporation Bonaire


Caving with Flow Bonaire

Reading time: about 3 minutes.

Overcast days on Bonaire

Sometimes, just sometimes, especially when we have guests that have not learned about Bonaire and its climate yet, we get asked whether there is also something to do if it rains all day…

Of course, sometimes it rains on our tropical island, but that is really only in the rainy season (let’s say the last quarter of the year) and then mostly at night or early in the morning. But nonetheless, every now and then it can be cloudy and then the divers and snorkellers among our guests wonder what to do. Because, when it comes to their favorite pastime, the colors on the reefs are simply a lot less attractive on overcast days.

Caves on Bonaire

And then what?

Well, you can say a lot about Bonaire, but not that it is a vibrant island with aqua parks, golf courses and go-kart tracks. Yet there is plenty to do on such a cloudy day at the B of the ABC Islands!

An activity for which you really do not need the sun, in fact you will not even see daylight during most of the activity, is caving!
Caves on Bonaire?? Yes, the island has about 400 caves, some of which are open to the public.
The caves on Bonaire are due to the fragile ecosystem, under strict supervision of STINAPA, which means that the caves that are open to the public, can only be visited with a guide certified by STINAPA.

Flow Bonaire

Flow Bonaire has such certification and they offer tours of the caves.
According to us, an absolute must-do! Our experience with Leo Hoogenboom of Flow Bonaire was truly unique.

Leo had advised us to wear light clothes – despite the activity takes place underground, the temperatures are still relatively high compared to outdoors and on Bonaire and that says something! – And wear sturdy shoes – the soil in the cave can be slippery. And even to bring mask and snorkel! Why? We found out soon enough …

Dry cave at Sabadeco

First we to the Sabadeco area, via a goat trail, we went into a dry cave. You can leave “dry” out because the enormous humidity, water flows along your body. After some very light climbing and the sight of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, we went more and more into the cave. In some rooms there where hundreds of bats hanging at the ceiling. Leo really has an incredible amount of knowledge about everything that is happening in and around the caves, about the origins and about the flora and fauna. Very interesting to listen to!

Wet cave at Hilltop

After visiting this dry cave, we drove a bit further north to explore a wet cave over there. Here we found out the reason for the request to take mask and snorkel!
The first scrambling was fairly similar to that in the first cave, but down the ladder we saw the big difference: water!
In this cave we followed the corridors swimming, the diving lamps that were made available by Flow, ready. It is striking that if you are so accustomed to thousands of fish to be continuously around during diving and snorkeling, it’s weird if there really is nothing in the water.
We came through different rooms and Leo told us that far down in the deep there were several hallways and rooms as well. Normal mortals will not end up down there, but our guide Leo (also a freedive instructor) went down a few minutes, to show us the various vaults and spaces in the deep, with his lamp. All in all a great experience and if our guests ask us if there is something to do on Bonaire if it rains all day…

Go with the FLOW!