Isidel Beach Park Bonaire: A new recreational gem

14 May 2024 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 3 minutes

Isidel Beach Park Bonaire, located between Chogogo Resort and Den Laman Condominiums, opens May 19. This new public recreation park offers amenities such as restrooms, palapas, a large beach, a barbecue area and a restaurant. The park also commemorates the tragic disappearance of the ship Isidel.

The opening of the Isidel Beach Park Bonaire will take place on May 19. This new public recreation park, located between the Chogogo Resort and Den Laman Condominiums, promises to be a fantastic addition to Bonaire’s beautiful coastline.

Isidel Beach Park Bonaire

The new public recreation park Playa Lechi will henceforth go by the name Isidel Beach Park Bonaire. This name was proposed by Bòi Antoin, president of the Fundashon Históriko Kultural Boneriano (FuHiKuBo), at the request of BOG. The park bears this name in honor of its historical significance.

History Isidel Beach Park Bonaire

The ship Isidel, previously known as the “Blue Peter” in the Windward Islands, disappeared in July 1978 during a regular voyage from Curaçao to Bonaire. On board were seven people. Despite weeks of searching, the ship was never found. Ten years after the disappearance of the Isidel, a lawsuit was finally filed in court to obtain a death certificate for those on board. This tragedy will forever have a place in the collective memory of Bonaireans.

The relatives of the Isidel’s crew and passengers have always lamented that a monument to commemorate these people has never been built. Now, with the construction of Isidel Beach Park on the coast of Playa Lechi (Palu di Lechi), there is finally an opportunity to fulfill the wishes of the relatives. Named “Isidel Beach Park,” it commemorates crew members De Jongh (Mirlo and Daniel), the two Abrahams brothers (Patrisio and Bernardo), Angel (Bubu) Janga, Elio Anthony and passenger Ernesto De Lanoy.

What does Isidel Beach Park Bonaire have to offer?

The park offers a wide range of amenities for visitors. You will find restrooms, palapas for shade, a large beach for sunbathing and swimming, a barbecue area for socializing and a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals. The park is ideal for recreation, with opportunities for hiking, swimming, snorkeling and much more.

A sustainable park

Isidel Beach Park Bonaire was designed with sustainability and community in mind. The park offers space for both relaxation and recreation and is an ideal place for families and friends to gather. The barbecue area and picnic areas make it easy to spend a day outdoors.

Monument and memorial

In addition to providing recreation, Isidel Beach Park Bonaire also commemorates an important piece of the island’s history. The park acts as a monument, a recognition of Bonaire’s tragedy and history. This makes the park not only a place for fun, but also for reflection and learning.


After the grand opening, Isidel Beach Park Bonaire will be permanently open to all. The park is designed to welcome visitors of all ages and interests. Future events and activities will be held regularly to engage and entertain the community.

Official opening and festivities

The park promises to be a major asset to Bonaire. With its extensive amenities, rich history and various events, the park offers something for everyone. It will officially open at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 19. The grand opening will feature music by local artists such as DJ Jewelz, Foyan Boys, Palu Grandi and Luis Moka. The public is welcome from 3 p.m. Don’t miss the grand opening on May 19 and come enjoy all that Isidel Beach Park Bonaire has to offer!

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