Bonaire Entry Tax: Extended validity creates opportunities for vacationers

19 June 2024 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 3 minutes

The Bonaire entry tax is being updated as of July 1 with three changes, including an extended validity period and tax exemptions for island children. Find out how these changes will benefit tourists and locals alike and plan your worry-free vacation to Bonaire!

The introduction of the Bonaire entry tax has received much attention. As of July 1, the government will adjust this tourist tax on Bonaire with three important changes. The authorities designed these changes to help both islanders and tourists.

. Let’s take a closer look at these changes and what they mean for everyone visiting Bonaire.

Bonaire Entry Tax evaluation report

The Bonaire entry tax evaluation report highlights the need for adjustments. The analysis shows that the current Bonaire tourist tax can be improved for both islanders and visitors. Officials are now adjusting the tax to extend its validity period and provide relief to specific groups.

Three changes take effect July 1

As of July 1, 2024, three important changes will go into effect. First, the validity period of the Bonaire tourist tax will be extended. This means that the tourist tax is now valid for one month, allowing tourists to hop to other islands in between trips at no extra cost. This provides more flexibility and reduces costs for vacationers.

Second, there will be a tax exemption for Bonaireans studying abroad. This change recognizes the special bond that Bonairean students have with their home country and offers them financial relief. This will make it easier for Bonairean students to come back to Bonaire during summer vacation. Also to possibly visit family on the other islands.

Third, an important change is the introduction of a reduced rate of $10 for island children who do not live on Bonaire. This rate is specifically designed to provide financial relief to Bonaireans who live outside the island but still have a strong connection to their homeland. This change recognizes the special position of this group, who often return to Bonaire for family visits and cultural events. Lowering the fee will make it more attractive and affordable for these islanders to continue to maintain their roots.

In short:

  1. An extended validity of the tax to one month.
  2. An exemption for all Bonairean students studying abroad full-time.
  3. A reduced rate of $10 for island children not living on Bonaire.

Online declaration process of the Bonaire Entry Tax

The new online declaration process makes it easier for visitors to pay the Bonaire tourist tax. The option is there to obtain your entry QR code online starting 7 days before arrival through the official website of Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire.

Be sure to file this return on the official website and avoid “reseller” websites that charge additional fees. While filling out your declaration, you will be told which supporting documents are required for a reduced rate or exemption. These documents will be verified upon arrival. This process is designed to be quick and user-friendly, leaving visitors with more time to enjoy their vacation.

Sense of justice through the Bonaire Entry Tax

An important aspect of the Bonaire entry tax is the sense of fairness. By making the tax longer, tourists feel they are getting value for money. In addition, for island children and Bonaireans abroad, the tax exemption creates a sense of fairness and recognition of their connection to Bonaire.

Enjoy island hopping in the region

The extended validity period of the Bonaire tourist tax makes it possible for tourists to travel between different islands for one month at no extra cost. This stimulates tourism within the Caribbean and makes it more attractive for vacationers to stay longer in the region.

Useful tips

For tourists who want to visit Bonaire, it is important to be aware of the new rules regarding the Bonaire entry tax. Here are some tips:

  • Plan ahead: Make sure you pay the Bonaire tourist tax well in advance online through the official website. This will save time and hassle upon arrival.
  • Take advantage of the validity period: Take advantage of the monthly validity period by visiting multiple islands in the Caribbean Netherlands.
  • Check exemptions: If you are an island child or studying abroad, check if you qualify for tax exemptions and what proof documents you need.

With these changes, the Bonaire entry tax will benefit tourists and locals alike, and Bonaire will remain an attractive destination for all. These adjustments to the Bonaire entry tax provide more flexibility, fairness and convenience for all concerned. Visitors can enjoy a worry-free vacation, while islanders and students receive financial relief. Plan your trip, pay your taxes online and enjoy all that Bonaire has to offer!

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