Bonaire nesting season: a great start for sea turtles

5 June 2024 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

Bonaire’s nesting season has started promisingly. Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire and volunteers are working together to protect the nests, with Klein Bonaire and the southern beaches being key locations.

Bonaire’s nesting season has gotten off to a fantastic start. Researchers have already discovered nine new nests in the first month. This is a promising start for the sea turtles on this beautiful island. Let’s dig deeper into this success and what it means for both the turtles and those involved.

Sea turtles on Bonaire

Bonaire is a paradise for sea turtles. These majestic animals return to Bonaire’s beaches each year to lay their eggs. The island offers them a safe place to nest and raise their young. This year’s Bonaire nesting season looks to be a great success.

A great start

Bonaire’s nesting season is off to a great start. Within the first month, researchers have already found nine new nests. They discovered as many as seven of these nests on Klein Bonaire, while the remaining two were found on Bonaire’s southern beaches. This represents a hopeful start for the sea turtles and the dedicated people working to protect them.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire is playing a crucial role in the success of the Bonaire nesting season. This organization looks forward with anticipation to the outcome of the eggs. They carefully monitor the nests and ensure that the eggs remain safe. Their efforts are invaluable to Bonaire’s sea turtle population.

Volunteering: help out during nesting season Bonaire

Are you interested in beach patrols and nest monitoring? You can get involved with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire. Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to get involved in the conservation of these beautiful animals. You can help guard nests and monitor the turtles.

What makes nesting season Bonaire so special?

The Bonaire nesting season is not just any period of time. It is a time when nature and humans work together for a common goal. Protecting sea turtles and their nests is essential for the conservation of the species. This success story is a testament to the effective cooperation between Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire and the volunteers.

Why choose Bonaire?

Bonaire is not only a haven for sea turtles, but also a popular tourist destination. People come here to enjoy the beautiful beaches, clear waters and diverse underwater world. The nesting season Bonaire offers an additional reason to visit the island. By participating in conservation activities, you contribute to the preservation of this natural beauty.

A promising beginning

The Bonaire nesting season is off to a great start with nine new nests in the first month. Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire and the volunteers play a vital role in this success. Working together, we can ensure that Bonaire remains a safe haven for sea turtles. Want to make a difference? Then consider volunteering during your next vacation on Bonaire. Book your accommodation now with Sunwise Bonaire. Here you can stay in comfort while helping with conservation activities. Your stay will have a positive impact on both the local community and the sea turtles!

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