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26 September 2022 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

For True media & culture, it all started with a holiday to Bali, Indonesia when things got serious.

The start

It all started with a holiday to Bali, Indonesia when things got serious. I always was passionate about photography, even when I was a teenager. But when traveling to Indonesia I figured I need a good camera to capture moments. I really enjoyed taking photographs there and somehow it triggered me to do more with it. 

After coming back from the holiday things start to get rolling in Bonaire. It was time to launch my own company: True media & culture

Surf shoots

Back in Bonaire again I started shooting windsurf and kitesurf photos. As an A location for both kiting and windsurfing, we have really good local riders. Some even won world titles. Even pro riders are coming to our island and this gave me the opportunity to work with the best.

Being a surf holiday destination brings a lot of tourist. They travel all the way to surf here. I think there is no better souvenir than a perfect shot while surfing.

The journey

I started to explore what else I like shooting. I found real estate photography, food photography and weddings. With real estate I found out that there is so much more to it. It really uses different techniques. So I decided to dive in, and start learning. You will be amazed on how much you can educate yourself by watching YouTube videos. 

The present

As for now I want to have my main focus on the real estate photography as I really enjoy it the most. Sunwise and I started a collaboration and all the new listings (and even some that needed an update) will be photographed by True media & culture. Other than Sunwise I shoot a lot of houses for almost all the real estate agents on the island. 

My vision

I always try to find the architectural lines of the house. Other than just showing the spaces of the house, it is very important, especially in the rental business, to create a feeling. The potential renter should be attracted to the photos. They should almost see themselves having their dream holiday in the house. So I work a lot with closeups, and showing the textures of the materials that have been used in the house. I want to make your house a piece of art!
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