Parking on Bonaire: Brion Park opens soon

4 June 2024 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

Brion Park, a new parking lot in downtown Kralendijk, Bonaire, will soon open with 64 parking spaces. This expansion should alleviate the acute lack of parking space and reduce parking problems on Bonaire’s busy streets.

Brion Park parking lot open to traffic soon

Parking on Bonaire will soon be a lot easier. Brion Park, the new parking lot in downtown Kralendijk, is expected to open for use next week. This is great news for anyone who often struggles to find a parking spot on Bonaire’s busy streets.

Delay in opening

The opening of Brion Park is richly overdue. In fact, the new parking lot should have been completed by January of this year. However, due to various construction problems, the project was delayed. Fortunately, completion is now finally in sight, much to the relief of Bonaire residents and visitors alike. This will facilitate parking on Bonaire.

What Brion Park has to offer

In the first phase, 64 parking spaces will become available in Brion Park, near the center of Kralendijk. This is just the beginning, as more parking spaces will be realized in a subsequent phase. This will significantly ease the pressure on parking in the center.

Stricter enforcement against wrong-way parking

The Directorate of Supervision & Enforcement is also going to crack down on wrong-way parkers. This means that anyone who does not park their car correctly can expect a parking ticket. This measure is necessary because illegal parking is a big problem in the center of Kralendijk.

Acute lack of parking space

There is currently an acute lack of parking in downtown Kralendijk. This leads to much frustration among drivers who often have to search for a long time for an available parking space. The opening of Brion Park will remove some of this pressure and contribute to a better flow of traffic in the center.

What does this mean for the future?

With the opening of Brion Park and future expansions in the number of parking spaces, the parking problem in Kralendijk will hopefully decrease. However, this is no guarantee that all parking problems will be completely solved. Therefore, it remains important for the municipality to continue investing in new parking facilities and improving existing parking spaces.

A solution for parking on Bonaire

The new parking facility at Brion Park is an important step toward solving the parking problem in downtown Bonaire. It provides welcome relief for both residents and tourists visiting the busy streets of Kralendijk.

Parking on Bonaire, and specifically in Kralendijk, remains a challenge. However, with the opening of Brion Park comes a much-needed relief to the current parking problems. It is hoped that the municipality will continue to invest in adequate parking spaces in the future to meet the growing demand. That way we can all enjoy a better organized and more accessible city.

Stay up to date on the latest developments around parking in Bonaire and make sure your car is always parked correctly to avoid parking tickets.

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