No lively nightlife on first sight…

Those who spend their holiday on Bonaire, usually go for relaxing, diving or snorkeling, kiteboarding or windsurfing, or just to sit in the sun with their favorite book.
There is no lively nightlife on the island, but that doesn’t mean that there are no fun evenings at all, because in a number of specific establishments there are! It’s because of the small scale of the island, that many people quickly gather in those specific bars or beach clubs, where it quickly becomes (more or less) crowded!

Below are some examples and we invite our guests to notify us if they miss their favorite establishment, or party night in this list!

Selection Bonaire nightlife

LITTLE HAVANA, or as they say: “Probably the coolest music bar in the Caribbean!”. Little Havana frequently organizes events, with live music, jam sessions, DJs and the famous Pop Quiz. Best nights: Wednesday and Friday.
Join the jam session or Pub Quiz at Little Havana here!

LOUNGE MUSIC AT OCEAN OASIS. At this popular, chic beach club, Oasis’ resident DJs play the best and newest deep house tracks, at a volume level that does not disturb your good conversation or rest! Every Friday and Sunday.
Enjoy the relaxing lounge tracks on the beach of Ocean Oasis here!

LATIN NIGHT AT CUBA COMPAGNIE. On this famous night in Cuba Compagnie, you can experience what people call “baile social” in Cuba: a pleasant gathering of lovers of Caribbean and South and Central American dance and music, including salsa, reggaeton, bachata et cetera.
Experience the true latin dance feeling here!