Bonaire Caves

Undiscovered World

There are many caves on Bonaire! Some are easily accessible, while others are hidden and, for example, completely filled with water. In any case, the cave formations are a crucial part of the ecosystem on the island. The water-filled caves are part of a huge aquifer, used by farmers to water their crops, and the shallower formations serve as a source of water for the wild goats and donkeys.

Important to ecosystem

Another mammal that benefits from the Bonaire caves is the bat. Bats live in large groups and they spend their days upside down, until the moment the sun goes down. Then they swarm for a night filled with eating mosquitoes and other insects! Other bats suck nectar from the cacti that bloom during the night, and in fact do the same work that bees do during the day. By spreading the pollen, the bats play an important role in the functioning of the ecosystem!

Indian caves

The Indians of the Arawak tribe have left drawings on various rock walls and in the Bonaire caves. In about ten places on our island, these paintings have been well preserved and can be viewed by our guests.
The drawings are made with a kind of red-brown dye and the scholars do not know what the inscriptions mean to this day. The guides on Bonaire can tell you all about it!

Important information

Access at your own risk (and best with a guide), but here is the access to a dry cave and there is a wet cave on this spot.