The wilderness of bonaire, island splendor and natural beauty

Natural beauty above water

Bonaire is not only paradise on earth for worshipers of the always shining sun, or lovers of sea and beach. And not only for the divers and snorkelers or practitioners of other water sports, in or on the Caribbean Sea.
No, our island offers beautiful natural treasures, also above the water surface!

Our selection for Bonaire island treasures

BRANDARIS is a 241 meter high mountain in the Washington Slagbaai National Park and the top of the mountain is the highest point of our island. The Subí Brandaris Trail is a 45-minute walk to the top.
Climb Brandaris here!

KLEIN BONAIRE island is fantastic for snorkeling, diving or just relaxing with a cooler and sunscreen. Water taxis depart from Kralendijk daily to this uninhabited islet.
Sail to Klein Bonaire island from here!

CAVES are fully present on Bonaire. With a pair of sturdy shoes and preferably a guide, you can enter a whole new world on Bonaire. The cave formations are a crucial part of the ecosystem on the island.
Explore the caves here!

GOTO LAKE (or Gotomeer in Dutch) is a saltwater lagoon in the north of the island and is known as a flamingo meeting place. On the road from Karpata to the Goto Lake, you will come across a large parking lot halfway, from where our guests have a great view.
Enjoy the Goto Lake here!

LAC BAY is a beautiful azure lagoon of over 700 hectares, the largest of the three ABC islands! Lac Bay is bordered by a barrier reef, facing the open sea, lush mangrove forests on three-quarters of the banks, and two peninsulas: Lac Cai and Sorobon.
Let yourself be overwhelmed by Lac Bay here!

The MANGROVES around Lac Bay form a unique environment in the wild nature of Bonaire. Our guests can kayak and snorkel here and enjoy the overwhelming silence.
Go kayaking through the mangroves here!

The PEKELMEER (salt lake) with its flamingo sanctuary is one of only four areas in the world where flamingos breed! Tourists are not allowed in this reserve, but the birds can be watched with binoculars from the road, near Pink Beach.
Experience the beauty of the Pekelmeer here!

The SALT PANS are part of the salt industry and the flourishing salt industry by Cargill. Huge mountains with white crystals can be seen on the south side of Bonaire, a setting that can be seen on many holiday photos and (back in the days) on postcards!
Enjoy the colors of the salt pans here!

The WASHINGTON SLAGBAAI NATIONAL PARK is located on the north side of Bonaire and is a beautiful area to drive through with a four-wheel drive car, to snorkel on the many deserted beaches and possibly to climb the Brandaris.
Experience the overwhelming nature of Washington Slagbaai here!