Lac Bay Bonaire

Official Ramsar wetlands

Lac Bay Bonaire is part of the BNMP, the Bonaire National Marine Park and the lagoon of over 700 hectares, is the largest of the three ABC islands! Since 23 May 1980 Lac, like Washington Slagbaai, the Gotomeer, the Pekelmeer and Klein Bonaire (with the surrounding sea), is a RAMSAR site, globally recognized as “wetlands with special meaning”. The Lac Bay ecosystem is very fragile and to ensure that the right balance is maintained, various zones have been set. Lac is home to three globally threatened animal and plant species: the green turtle, the queen conch and the mangrove trees.

Enchanting beauty

From the north point to the south point Lac Bay is 3.9 km long and from east to west the lagoon is about 3 km. The water surface is approximately 8 square kilometers and Lac Bay is bordered by a barrier reef towards the open sea, lush mangrove forests on three quarters of the banks and two peninsulas: Lac Cai and Sorobon.

Windsurfing paradise

Lac Bay is the training ground of the world’s top Bonairian freestyle surfers, which, moreover, is not harmful to the ecosystem, especially because of the deposited pieces with seagrass.


Where exactly can we find Lac Bay?