Bonaire beach clubs and bars

Selection Bonaire beach clubs and bars

The HANG OUT BEACHBAR, is situated on perhaps the most beautiful spot on the island, at Lac Bay! An excellent bar, good food and regular recurring theme parties with tasty music, especially on Sundays!
Let yourself be served a cocktail here at the Hang Out Bonaire!

SPICE BEACH CLUB, together with Oasis, is perhaps the most chic beach club of all, with the wonderful white sandy beach and cabanas, the swimming pool, the beach bar, the restaurant and the lounge bar, that complete the great entourage at Spice!
Experience here the chic atmosphere at Spice Beach Club!

BEACH CLUB OCEAN OASIS is located just outside the Belnem area, on the south side of the airport. During the day you can sunbathe and enjoy cocktails at Oasis and during the evenings, but especially on Fridays and Sundays, there is lounge music played by Oasis’ resident DJ’s!
Check the relaxed atmosphere of Oasis here!

WINDSOCK, THE BEACH is the small and cozy beach club of the Windsock Beach Resort on the EEG Boulevard, in the Punt Vierkant area.
Experience the sunset here at Windsock, The Beach!

At CLUB TROPICANA on the Delfins Beach Resort in Punt Vierkant, they have a pool bar connected to the bar, so you may even enjoy your drinks in the swimming pool! Soft lounge music will accompany any of your ordered drinks or food. Their professional bartenders will make you all kinds of cocktails!
Drink an exotic cocktail at Club Tropicana here!

A tribute to the famous COCO BEACH.