Coco Beach Bonaire: The Evolution of a Beloved Beach Club

Bonaire is well-known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and vibrant marine life, but perhaps one of its most iconic spots is the legendary Coco Beach Bonaire. On this page, we will dedicate our words to this now-closed beach club, which held a special place in the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. Through this tale, we aim to bridge the memories of the pinnacle of Coco Beach to the promising new resort in its place, Chogogo Beach Resort. So, let’s dive into the history, the transformation, and the future of this alluring location.

The Legacy of Coco Beach Bonaire

Coco Beach Bonaire was more than just a beach club – it was the soul of the island’s social scene, the epicenter of fun and relaxation, and a shining example of Bonaire’s unique charm. Here’s a glimpse of its unforgettable past:

A Brief History: The Making of Coco Beach Bonaire

The beach club was set up as a semi-permanent, pop-up style establishment, created using repurposed shipping containers. The innovative design imbued a rustic-chic charm and won the hearts of many. Located on the island’s western side near Kralendijk, the club opened its doors to locals and tourists from around the world.

Timeless Memories: Unforgettable Events and Activities

Coco Beach was known for its legendary events and activities that brought people together. Some highlights include:

  1. Happy Hours: The Friday happy hour at Coco Beach was an absolute must for anyone visiting Bonaire. With a wide variety of drinks, appetizers, and music, it was truly an event to be experienced.
  2. Festivals and Performances: From local bands to international artists and DJs, Coco Beach was renowned for hosting some of the best live performances on the island.
  3. Beach Tennis Tournaments: The club was a hotspot for beach tennis, with regular tournaments that drew crowds and players from across Bonaire and beyond.
  4. Themed Parties: From luaus to full moon parties and the renowned New Year’s Eve at Coco, this beach club knew how to throw an unforgettable bash.
  5. Beachside Dining: With incredible views and mouth-watering dishes, despite the simple kitchen layout, it was a culinary experience like no other.

Despite its temporary nature, Coco Beach Bonaire left a lasting impression on all those who visited.

The Transformation: Birth of the Chogogo Beach Resort

As the sun set on Coco Beach Bonaire, a new chapter dawned: the Chogogo Beach Resort. Let’s delve into the reasons for the transformation and impact on the local community.

The Transition from Coco Beach to Chogogo Beach Resort

The closure of Coco Beach was driven by several factors, including the temporary nature of the establishment, ongoing maintenance costs, and a desire to create a more sustainable and luxurious development. Following its closure, the birth of Chogogo Beach Resort was initiated.

We wanted to create a high-end beach resort that maintained the essence of Coco Beach while offering something truly exceptional to our guests

Chogogo Beach Resort management

Construction and Development: Reinventing the Beach Club Experience

The Chogogo Beach Resort went through an extensive construction and development process, transforming the site into a beachfront escape for many. Although the square appearance of the buildings looks a bit un-Caribbean and has been the subject of much criticism from locals, and the accompanying beach bar is not comparable to Coco Beach, we generally see quite a few guests finding their way to Chogogo.

Impact on the Local Community

Even though Coco Beach had a special place in their hearts, the locals were excited to see what the Chogogo Beach Resort would bring. The development created jobs, boosted the local economy, and positioned Bonaire’s beach offerings right up there with the best.

    The Lingering Spirit of Coco Beach

    The memory of Coco Beach Bonaire lives on in the atmosphere and culture of Chogogo Beach Resort. Locals and tourists alike can still experience the warmth, fun, and vibrant beach life that was a hallmark of Coco Beach.

    A Lasting Legacy: Bonaire’s Beloved Beach Club

    As the story of Coco Beach Bonaire transforms into that of the Chogogo Beach Resort, the enduring spirit of Bonaire’s beach life remains a constant. Through the evolution of this beloved location, Bonaire’s tourism industry continues to flourish, creating ever-lasting memories for generations to come.

    So next time you find yourself in Bonaire, be sure to experience the magic of Chogogo Beach Resort – where the legacy of Coco Beach Bonaire meets modern luxury and sustainability. A piece of history woven into an unforgettable paradise awaits you.