Windsock Bonaire, The Beach

Own house reef

On the other side of the road, seen from the Go Windsock Bonaire Resort on the EEG Boulevard in Belnem, is the beach of Windsock, The Beach. At any time, our guests can go to Windsock and enjoy the sun on a lounger and take a dip in the azure Caribbean Sea. This friendly beach club has its own dive site in front of the terrace and what could be better than to enjoy the tasty snacks and drinks served at Windsock, The Beach after a wonderful dive on the house reef? Toilets and showers are there, so the place is fully equipped.

Review and info

Because our office is located nearby and because we manage a large number of holiday homes in the immediate vicinity, Windsock is one of our favorite places to have lunch, drinks, or to meet with clients or guests!

Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm and our guests can make reservations for sun beds or a table at phone number +5997017887

Where exactly can I find Windsock, The Beach?

On the menu: lunch and diner

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