Cuba Compagnie Bonaire

Exciting music

On the Wilhelmina square – Wilhelminaplein in Dutch -, exactly where the cruise ships moor on the north pier, our favorite grand café is located: Cuba Compagnie Bonaire, or often referred to as Cuba Company Bonaire. The friendliness of the people, the warm atmosphere, exotic dancing, the exciting salsa music, the beautiful buildings and the special cars on the largest of all Caribbean islands, Cuba, stole the hearts of the owners of this great restaurant on Bonaire and they wanted to show it all in their establishment. And that worked out perfectly! Our favorite evening in Cuba Compagnie is the Thursday night, when a great salsa night breaks out, immediately after dinner!
Cuba Compagnie Bonaire

Review and info

Many people are very enthusiastic about Cuba Compagnie Bonaire. The reviews of guests show a 9 out of 10 on average!

Opening hours: Thursday to Tuesday, from 5pm until late! Telephone reservation can be made at number +599-7171822

Where exactly can I find Cuba Compagnie?

On the menu: only dinner, fresh fish, local and overseas products, dishes from all over the Caribbean

Thursday night in Cuba Compagnie Bonaire is our favorite latin dance night!

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