Explore Bonaire’s hidden treasures on an off-road adventure

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Bonaire is a paradise with crystal clear waters and diverse landscapes, perfect for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. In addition to the usual itineraries, HopiBonaire Tours reveals unknown gems of the island, such as the rugged east coast and Washington-Slagbaai National Park, allowing visitors to experience the real Bonaire.

Huge diversity

Bonaire is known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine coral reefs. This enchanting underwater world makes it a dream island for lovers of snorkeling, diving and other water sports. In addition to its adventures both on and under the water, Bonaire also has much to offer on land. The island has vast nature with diverse landscapes ranging from salt pans and mangroves to limestone formations and cactus forests. It is unprecedented how much diversity can be found on this small island. Explore Bonaire with us and read on.

HopiBonaire Tours
The special landscape in the north of Bonaire

Exploring Bonaire by yourself

There are many places on the island that you can easily visit on your own with a rental car, scooter or bicycle. It’s all about the well-known “North Tour” and “South Tour.”

You reach the north of the island via the beautiful coastal road, the Queens Highway, with the azure sea on your left and the limestone plateau on your right. From Karpata you can drive around Lake Goto, where you can see flamingos with some regularity. Near Dos Pos is a beautiful hike. During this walk you have a beautiful view of Lake Goto. You end the round trip in the picturesque Rincon.

A well-traveled road runs along the entire southern tip of Bonaire. This road leads you past the salt pans, the slave houses, the nesting area of Caribbean flamingos and the impressive street art in the old shrimp factory. In addition, along the coast you will see a large number of idyllic stretches of beach that dot the island. There are enough sights to keep you entertained for half a day. You will also pass by the Salt Pier, the place on Bonaire to spot sea turtles. The end of Round South is Lac Bay, a beautiful bay where you can enjoy a drink in the wind at one of the beach bars. If you’re looking to stay near Lac Bay, check the accommodations for rent near Lac Bay.

Bonaire’s hidden gems

In addition to the highlights of the two well-known routes, Bonaire is home to a wealth of hidden gems that we believe should not be missed during your vacation on Bonaire. A large part of the roads in the north and east of Bonaire are unpaved. Therefore, they are often skipped by visitors. Too bad, we think, because it is precisely along these unpaved roads that many spectacular landscapes and unique attractions of the island are hidden.

Vuurtoren Spelonk
After an adventurous trip, you’ll arrive at Spelonk Lighthouse

East coast

Bonaire’s east coast is a rugged and spectacular part of the island. Here you will find no tourist crowds or developed resorts, but a sense of pure wilderness. This side of the island offers a pristine experience ideal for adventurers. One of the striking features of the east coast are the imposing cliffs that rise out of the sea, where the waves pound against the rocks with brutal force. It is a place where you can experience the power of the water. In addition, on this side of the island you will find the remains of Bonaire’s first inhabitants, an indigenous people who belonged to the Caquetio Indians. 

Besides the standard North Tour, there is much more to explore on the north side of the island. There are the beautiful vistas of the green hills, the secluded Playa Frans and mansions from the time of the plantations. Most of the north coast is occupied by the Washington-Slagbaai National Park. The park is a paradise for nature lovers, with a great diversity of flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails, bird watching, snorkeling in crystal clear waters and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. The entire park consists of unpaved roads and has no facilities. If you go out by yourself, good preparation is required.

Playa Frans Bonaire
At secluded Playa Frans, you can do some great bird watching and snorkeling


Because we ourselves are so excited about the hidden treasures of the island and want to introduce people to them, the idea for HopiBonaire was born. Hopi Bonaire means “Many Bonaire” in Papiamentu. With our name we express the versatility of the special island we call home. That versatility is reflected in our tours. 

The uniqueness of a tour with HopiBonaire is that you go on an exploration of Bonaire’s most remote and beautiful places. What’s more, you’re only out with your own company, which makes for an intimate and personal experience at your own pace. We don’t look at half an hour! All tours can be adapted to the wishes of our guests and there is the possibility to book a fully customized tour. Have you become excited and would you like to join us on an adventure? Then check out the range of our off-road private tours on our website.

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