Bonaire snorkeling

Enjoy the most beautiful reefs in the world

Bonaire is one of the top snorkel destinations in the world and our island is regularly found in top-5 lists when it comes to snorkel spots. Especially at Klein Bonaire, snorkeling is really fantastic, but to see beautiful reefs and hundreds of colored fish, you do not necessarily have to take a boat on the water. Bonaire has more than enough snorkel spots with beautiful corals that can be reached from the shore.

Spectacular snorkeling excursions

On the island there are several maps with all snorkel spots (get them anywhere or at Sunwise for free), but your Sunwise hostess or host Sunwise, for example at the check-in at the accommodation, would love to tell you where her or his favorite snorkel sites are! Snorkel trips with a guide, are given by various parties on Bonaire, often in combination with boat trips, for example by Epic Tours, but also with the Woodwind, the Sea Cow and the Compass Bonaire.