Salty Tours Bonaire: Exploring Bonaire’s Beautiful Waters

Home to the Caribbean’s most pristine waters, Bonaire offers a stunning aqua playground for all water enthusiasts. The island, known as a diving paradise, harbors hidden underwater treasures perfect for a local experience with authentic adventures. Let Salty Tours Bonaire, a leading tour operator, guide you in uncovering these secluded spots while engaging in fun-filled water activities.

Private Boat Rental with Salty Tours Bonaire

Imagine discovering this gleaming Caribbean island from a different perspective – on water! Rent a boat charter with Salty Tours Bonaire to explore and appreciate Bonaire’s serene coastlines and deep blue waters. With a boat charter from Salty, you’re in for a treat, cruising along the west coast of Bonaire and to Klein Bonaire, comfortably and leisurely.

Salty Tours Bonaire

Tip Sea: Your Boat to Adventure

The Tip Sea, Salty’s versatile yacht, is your home during this water adventure. Your captain will guide you to the best spots around Bonaire, ensuring a memorable journey.

Activities Offered On-board

The Tip Sea isn’t just about cruising; it’s also about having fun in the water with various aquatic activities available:

  • Watersports: Try out towable tubing for an adrenaline rush.
  • Fishing: With all the fishing equipment provided, experience deep-sea fishing.
  • Visiting Klein Bonaire: This uninhabited island and nature reserve is perfect for a quick escape.
  • Snorkeling: Indulge in underwater exploration of vibrant coral reefs.
  • Beach Hopping: Enjoy coastal exploration with a dash of island hopping on Bonaire’s pristine beaches.
  • Cruising: Simply relax and enjoy a leisurely boat trip.
  • Night Trips and Parties: Yes, you read it right! Salty Tour’s boat charter can turn into a party venue.
Snorkeling Bonaire

What’s Included in the Boat Rental Package?

Salty’s package is all-inclusive – from the captain’s service to the fuel for your journey. The inclusions are:

  • Captain and Guide
  • Tubes and Kneeboard
  • Fishing equipment
  • Snorkel sets
  • Chilled water and ice
  • Fuel

Feel free to bring your snacks and drinks to keep the fun going through the day.

Deep-Sea Fishing with Salty Tours Bonaire

Expert anglers or beginners, fishing enthusiasts will relish the advantageous conditions of fishing around Bonaire. The expertise of Salty Tours lies in decoding the water’s secrets and knowing the best fishing spots. The deep-sea fishing tour inclusions are the same as the boat rental, plus bait, to offer you the best possible angling experience.

Deep Sea Fishing Bonaire

Kayak Rental with Salty Tours Bonaire

Experience the tranquility of Bonaire’s coast in the most serene way possible with our two-person kayak rental. We recommend starting your journey from Te Amo Beach, paddling your way across the calm waters. Salty’s service includes convenient delivery and pick-up of the kayak, giving you nothing to worry about but to enjoy the unique perspective of looking up at sailboats and catamarans.

Get in Touch with Salty Tours Bonaire

Get ready to enjoy a unique local experience with Salty Tours Bonaire, with unmatched service and genuine enthusiasm. Bonaire, the diving paradise, awaits you. Let Salty help you discover its undiscovered treasures. Don’t just visit; experience Bonaire!