Cycling Bonaire

Exploring the area and sporting challenge!

Our guests can go on a bicycle on Bonaire in two ways: the sporting and the touristy way.

Tourist cycling Bonaire

For the tourist there is a pretty extensive route on the paved roads on Bonaire. There is a road of about 50 kilometers from Kralendijk, via Hato, the Gotomeer, over Rincon, along the northeast coast back to the main town of Playa – Kralendijk and there is a route, also about 50 kilometers long, along the mangrove forests, via the Sorobon area over the southern tip and the Pekelmeer, along the salt mountains back to the area around the airport Flamingo Airport.

Both routes run for about 90% along the coast or saliñas (salt lakes) and offer the tourist cyclist a great, spectacular sight on Bonaire’s natural beauty.

In general you can say that the southern tour is mainly flat and with wind and the northern route is mainly hilly and warm.

The sporty cyclist

Sporty cyclists can of course also do these tours, for example on a road bike or a more robust sports bike, but in the hilly north they can also find mountain bike trails. In fact, every sand trail can be classified as a cycling trail and especially on the north side it is really great for mountain bikers: rough sand paths, goat trails, steep climbs and long runs, it’s all there. These are the routes on which you do not feel anxious and most of our guests do not come out of the fight without scratches!

Bike rental Bonaire

There are several bike rental companies on Bonaire and these lessors also have all the information and route maps for both types of cyclists!
De Freewieler (The Freewheeler)
Scooters Bonaire