Welcome back to our North American friends!

5 June 2021 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

After having to miss our North American guests for over fourteen months, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, today the first aircraft from Miami (American Airlines) and Atlanta (Delta Airlines) landed at Flamingo Airport Bonaire again!

American and Delta are back!

After having to miss our North American guests for over fourteen months, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, today the first aircraft from Miami (American Airlines AA430) and Atlanta (Delta Airlines DL1813) landed at Flamingo Airport Bonaire again! The planes, their crews and passengers were warmly welcomed by a water salute from the airport fire department and a local welcoming committee!

Welcome back American and Canadian friends!

Favorable figures on Bonaire

It is expected, now that the vaccination and infection rates on our island are developing so favorably and testing for inbound travelers is now also possible on the island, that United Airlines and Sunwing will also resume their services soon. Current vaccination rates can be viewed here and here, the number of active infections and the status of corona measures were on the Bonaire Crisis website. This page can be used to see exactly what the various levels of risk entail.

New test requirements, a lot of new reservations

We notice from the number of new reservations, that Bonaire is more and more accessible again! Especially from Canada and the United States we receive a lot of inquiries and new bookings now. Traveling from North America to Bonaire has now also been made easier in terms of testing requirements. Below in the table you can read what is applicable to you. Meanwhile, our guests can also get tested upon arrival (and have the result within 20 minutes!), so that travelers with complicated travel schedules have fewer organizational challenges.

4 responses to "Welcome back to our North American friends!"
  1. Lou Ann says:

    Is there anywhere on the island for visitors to stay if tested positive to quarantine awaiting to depart back to there country.

    1. Hi Lou Ann, thanks for your message. Quarantines as a result of a positive test (preventing guests from traveling, for example) are ‘self-quarantines’ and therefore may/must be accomplished in the accommodation. If an accommodation is free after their initial stay, our guests can rebook (this may be recoverable from travel insurance by the way) and otherwise we are happy to assist in finding a successor accommodation. There is no central government ‘quarantine hotel’, or anything like it, on the island. We had that only in the beginning, when the pandemic broke out and overwhelmed everyone.

  2. Jim Lynch says:

    What is a health declaration?

    1. Hi Jim, you can view and fill in the declaration at https://bonairepublichealth.org/en/form.

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