The impact on restricting Schiphol flights on the Dutch Caribbean

24 June 2023 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 3 minutes

The Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA) raises concerns about the Dutch government’s plan to limit flight movements at Schiphol Airport.

The Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA) has recently expressed concerns about the potential impact of the Dutch government’s plan to limit the number of flight movements at Schiphol Airport. The proposed plans aim to reduce the current number of 500,000 flight movements per year to a maximum of 440,000. This has raised apprehensions about the potential negative effects on air traffic capacity to and from the Dutch Caribbean islands.

The Stakeholders

The DCCA comprises the authorities responsible for managing and operating the six airports across the Dutch Caribbean islands. These include:

  • Aruba Airport Authority
  • Bonaire International Airport
  • Curaçao Airport Partners
  • Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company
  • The Public Body of Saba
  • The Public Body of St. Eustatius

The Concerns

The primary concerns revolve around the economic and social ramifications that the proposed decision to limit movements at Schiphol Airport may have on the Dutch Caribbean region. It is feared that this could potentially lead to a reduction in flight frequencies between the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean, consequently causing an increase in ticket prices.

The reduction in air capacity and the possibility of higher ticket prices can negatively impact all three segments of travelers: business travelers, leisure travelers, and individuals visiting friends and family. The adverse effects on the economy and the connectivity of social and family networks are imminent.

The Response

The DCCA firmly believe that the potential capacity and ticket price implications are matters of concern for our region. Based on the information available to them, they believe that the assessment of the impact of reducing flight movements at Schiphol does not adequately consider the potential effects on the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Joost Meijs, the CEO of Aruba Airport Authority and the Chairman of DCCA, states, “By expressing our concerns, we trust that the interests of the Dutch Caribbean will be taken into account in the further decision-making process of the Dutch Ministry.”

Given the potential negative impact on the economy and social well-being of the Dutch Caribbean, DCCA urges the Dutch government to ensure that the capacity between the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean is not diminished as a result of the proposed decision-making.

The Call to Action

At Sunwise Bonaire, we recognize the importance of a thriving aviation industry for the prosperity and development of the Dutch Caribbean islands. The accessibility and connectivity provided by air travel play a vital role in various aspects of our communities, including tourism, trade, business relationships, and personal connections.

The DCCA remain committed to actively advocating for the interests of the Dutch Caribbean and seeking solutions that strike a balance between the sustainable development of Schiphol Airport and the continued growth and well-being of the Dutch Caribbean region.

In conclusion, the concerns surrounding the restriction of flight movements at Schiphol Airport for the Dutch Caribbean islands are genuine and warrant careful consideration. The potential economic and social consequences, including reduced capacity and increased ticket prices, can have far-reaching effects on the region. It is crucial for all stakeholders involved to address these concerns and ensure a collaborative decision-making process that preserves the prosperity and connectivity of the Dutch Caribbean islands.

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