Maybe to Curaçao again from July 1!

7 June 2020 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: < 1 minute

The airport of Curaçao will probably be reopened to holiday travelers from the Netherlands, on July 1.

For the moment 10,000 tourists per month

According to the ANP (Dutch Press Agency), Steve Martina, minister of Economic Development on Curaçao, announced on Sunday June 7 that the airport on the Caribbean island will probably be reopened to holiday travelers from the Netherlands from July 1.
Martina added that as far as he is concerned, the tourist flow is limited to a maximum of ten thousand travelers (normally about 36,000) per month and that the effective date may still change if a new wave of corona infections occurs.

Quarantine in case of contamination

Tourists arriving on Curaçao must first take a corona test. In case of contamination, a mandatory quarantine follows. Travelers from the United States and Latin America will have to quarantine in their hotel for two weeks anyway. In addition to Curaçao, Bonaire also wants to reopen its airspace under similar conditions, but more news about this is expected next week.

Travel at your own risk

As of June 15, traveling to a large number of countries in Europe and the Caribbean islands that fall under the Kingdom, from the Netherlands will be possible again, albeit at your own risk. The travel advice for these countries is then relaxed from ‘code orange’ to ‘code yellow’, which stands for “traveling is possible, but there are risks”.

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