FREE cancellation in case of new lockdown!

26 June 2020 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

In consultation with our homeowner clients, we offer our guests, if the airspace of Bonaire closes again for aircraft from the country where the guest comes from, to opt for cancellation of the accommodation free of charge, or for rescheduling the dates.

We rescheduled over 80 reservations

After the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the subsequent ‘lockdown’, the closing of the airspace of Bonaire and the exclusion of the cruise ships, we have, in consultation with our guests, rescheduled around 80 reservations to a later date.

Cancelation policy after June 30, 2020

Now that the borders of Bonaire will be reopened on 1 July, and the various airlines will restart their services on Bonaire, we receive increasingly more questions about our cancellation policy, should a next wave of corona infections occur and Bonaire again becomes inaccessible for tourists.

In consultation with our homeowner clients, we therefore offer every guest (*) that books with Sunwise, should they not be able to travel due to ‘corona perils’, so in case the airspace of Bonaire closes again for aircraft from the country where the guest comes from, if one of their group has a positive result on the mandatory PCR test, if their flights are canceled and not rescheduled 1-2 days before or after the original dates, in case of a travel restricting lockdown in the country where the guests come from, or a negative travel advice (colors orange and red), to opt for free cancellation of the accommodation, or to reschedule the dates.

(*) This rule applies for reservations made after June 30, 2020, directly with Sunwise, on our website, so not through the booking portals, for travelers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France, because they can start traveling to Bonaire again, on 1 July. As soon as tourists from other countries are allowed to return to Bonaire, we will further expand this relaxed cancellation policy.

UPDATE October 21, 2020: As of per October 26, all travelers, from all over the world can access Bonaire again, with a negative PCR test and a health declaration. Direct flights are allowed only from Canada, Curaçao and the Netherlands.

UPDATE December 15, 2020: As of today, December 15, Bonaire – at least for the Netherlands – will get travel advice color code orange, which means that this specific part of the conditions above will be cancelled for the time being (until Bonaire returns to code yellow or green). Guests of Sunwise who have booked on or after 15 December cannot cancel their booking free of charge because of the travel advice color code orange, but – if they are unable or unwilling to travel – will of course be given the opportunity to reschedule their booking.

UPDATE December 23, 2020: As of December 29, 2020, for every traveller returning to the Netherlands, a negative PCR test will be mandatory, but this does NOT include travelers from Bonaire, as the island is considered a ‘safe country‘ (link in Dutch only).

UPDATE January 15, 2021: As of today, January 15, 2021, direct flights from all countries in the world are allowed on Bonaire again. This means that also for our guests who will travel from – for instance – the USA, the rule applies that they may cancel bookings made after January 15, free of charge, if Bonaire’s airspace is closed again and due to that, they won’t be able to travel to Bonaire on the booked dates.

8 responses to "FREE cancellation in case of new lockdown!"
  1. Mrs Sarah J Gerry says:

    Hi , If needed on return flights to UK via Amsterdam, can we gat a Covid test in Bonaire up to 72 hrs before departure ?

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment. Yes you can! The local gym and physiotherapy practice ‘Bon Bida Bonaire’ offers various types of tests, with a certificate that can be handed over.

  2. Juut says:

    Dus als ik het goed begrijp, kunnen we het geld terugkrijgen bij een nieuwe lockdown.
    Stel ik boek een huis voor half december maar Bonaire gaat naar Oranje, krijgen wij ons geld volledig terug?

    1. Hoi Juut! Dank voor je bericht en dat is volledig juist!
      Als je onverhoopt niet kunt reizen vanwege ‘coronaperikelen’ (dus een positieve PCR-test in de groep, geannuleerde vluchten die niet 1-2 dagen eerder of later alsnog gaan, een aangepaste reisadvieskleurcode naar ‘oranje’ of ‘rood’ voor Bonaire, of een algehele lockdown, waardoor je de deur niet uit kunt), dan mag je de reservering gratis annuleren, of – naar eigen keuze – verzetten naar een andere datum.

  3. Heike Suekama says:

    I am piggybacking on Sue’s question. Since my party is also from the USA, and it’s not a country that is currently open to travel to Bonaire, I would not be part of the cancellation policy? What kind of protection do I have in case A. Bonaire doesn’t open to the USA, B. if I book now, the country opens and then shuts down again?

    we are looking to travel 12/5 to 12/12 for 5 and another family with us from 12/5 to 12/9 or 12/10 depending on minimum stay.

    Please advise,

    1. Hi Heike, thank you for your comment! To answer your question: our guests from countries that are not yet allowed to travel to Bonaire are allowed to make a reservation anyway, but in case that they won’t be able to travel (yet) at the time of their vacation, we offer them to reschedule their booking. We think this is fair to both our homeowner clients and the guests that are able to travel to Bonaire already, that are looking for a free spot in the calendar (especially in high-season, December).

  4. Susa Whitfill says:

    So if the US is not allowed to go to Bonaire when I travel in December I will be able to cancel the reservation? I made reservations prior to June.

    Sue Whitfill

    1. Hi Sue, yes you made your reservation in May already plus I think I know you’re from one of the so called ‘high risk countries’. The free cancelation policy unfortunately is only for reservations made after June 30 and for our guests originating in one of the countries as mentioned in the article above.
      All our other guests won’t lose their down payment though, because we offer them free rescheduling of their reservation!

      We hope that suits you and we’re looking forward to your arrival on Bonaire!

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