Emergency measures prolonged

2 August 2020 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: < 1 minute

The emergency measures that were in force since July 14, to determine who is welcome on Bonaire and which guests are still seen as too great a risk, are prolonged until September 1

Still only guests from low-risk countries are welcome

Today, through a press release, Governor Edison Rijna of Bonaire has declared that the ‘coronavirus emergency measures’ that were valid since 14 July, have been extended until 1 September 2020.
The emergency measures include various precautions to prevent contamination and the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, on Bonaire.
As of July 14, emergency measures were in force again, after the earlier March package of measures had been abolished at an earlier stage. Setting the new measures, was to arrange the arrival and departure of visitors from low-risk countries. The emergency measure arranges, among other things, that no passengers are admitted from high-risk countries, to protect public health on Bonaire.

Tourists arrive on Bonaire again

From the moment Bonaire’s airspace opened to visitors from low-risk countries, over 5,100 people visited Bonaire in July. Among them 2,200 passengers that traveled from Amsterdam and over 2,900 people that arrived from Aruba and Curaçao, two islands that are in the so called ‘air bubble’ with Bonaire.

Three cases of COVID-19, two of them cured

In the month of July, three people were tested positive for COVID-19. These were all members of a family that has returned from Peru. Meanwhile, two of them have been declared cured and the third is still in the hospital.
The Bonairian government emphasizes that in order to successfully fight the coronavirus, everyone must adhere to the now well-known hygiene rules: keep 1.5 meters distance from each other, do not touch eyes, nose and mouth and cough or sneeze in your elbow cup.

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