Celebrating Christmas together is possible!

4 November 2020 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Bonaire. Our island has been designated a code yellow area again, so there are no travel restrictions, also no quarantine when you return!

New strict measures, holidays under pressure

In the last press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Deputy Prime Minister De Jonge, the latter told us how important it is to society that we can celebrate Christmas together, with friends and family. Hugo de Jonge, also Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, however, had to mention that he cannot yet say with certainty to what extent people can spend the holidays together. The level of contamination in the Netherlands is still far too high, resulting in all the current restrictive measures.

Also in other countries, such as the United States, the social distance rules seem to throw a spanner in the works of family celebrations.

Bonaire offers the solution!

As of today, Bonaire has a travel advice color code ‘yellow’ again, which means that, at least from Curaçao, the Netherlands and Canada, it is relatively free to travel, subject to two simple conditions: travelers must be able to submit a negative PCR test and a health certificate. .

Our guests from the USA cannot go directly to Bonaire yet, although the airlines already seem to be sorting for a reopening of the direct flights, but they can go to our island via Curaçao!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Bonaire?

At the moment we still have a number of apartments and villas available. For example for:

The week of December 19 to 26.

Or, if you also want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a wonderful 30 degrees Celsius, from December 23 to January 2!

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