Restaurant Rum Runners Bonaire

Great fresh pizza!

The restaurant on the dive resort Captain Don’t Habitat in Hato, is called Rum Runners. On a particularly beautiful spot, about 5 meters above the water of the Caribbean Sea, the expert people of Rum Runners prepare the pizzas in a brick oven in their open-air kitchen, right next to the tables. The terrace is so high that the guests have a beautiful view on the illuminated sea, in which the dark, huge shadows of the tarpons are visible.

Additional information

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 7am to 10am (breakfast), from 11.30am tot 4pm (lunch) and from van 5.30pm tot 10pm (dinner). On Monday there is an all-you-can-eat-BBQ and the restaurant bar is open from 4pm to midnight! Telephone reservation can be made by calling number +5997178290 ext 100.

Where can we find Rum Runners exactly?

On the menu: breakfast, lunch and dinner, fresh pizza, fish and meat dishes