Bon Tuk Bonaire Eco Tours

Bird watching and VIP transport

With no less than seven different tours, Bon Tuk Bonaire perhaps has the widest range of tours of the island. Moreover, you will experience the tour in an electric tuktuk – which is originally a public transport vehicle, especially in Thailand, a kind of motorized rickshaw, but then with the unhealthy two-stroke engine instead of the environment friendly electric motor that Bon Tuk carries – very different than in a closed bus!

Two types of tuktuk

Bon Tuk’s tuktuk fleet consists of two different vehicles, the Small Tuks and the Big Tuks. All tuktuks work on 12 batteries per vehicle. Bon Tuk will charge them in 6-8 hours at night and they can then drive 6-7 hours, depending on the weight and the wind.

Pick-up at your Sunwise apartment or villa

Take one of the Bon Tuk Eco Tours, right from your Sunwise apartment or villa on Bonaire! Ask them to pick you up at the start of the tour. Bon Tuk will be happy to do that.

We love exploring the island with Bon Tuk Bonaire!