Taxi Bonaire

A nice alternative

Bonaire unfortunately does not have the best roads in the world and moreover there is relatively little street lighting available, so that driving can be quite an exciting affair! The local Traffic Ordinance is of April 17, 1957 and the passage about the use of alcohol in traffic, does not go further than a ban from driving if the driver “should not be deemed capable of driving the vehicle properly”, without mentioning promillages or fixed limits. Kind of random and that ensures that on an average night there are quite a few road users with, according to Dutch standards, too much alcohol driving around.

*UPDATE July 31, 2019: we have a new Traffic Ordinance for Bonaire!

Taxi stand at Flamingo Airport

Taxis are, although they are often very busy when large planes have landed, or when a cruise ship is moored, available at the airport. From other locations you can call the taxi stand at the airport: +5997178100.

No taxi fare meters!

The taxis on our island do not have a fare meter, because the rates have been set by the government. For this reason, all drivers must give access to the price list in their car. At the airport, the fares are also mentioned on a special bulletin board.
All taxis on Bonaire have the letters TX on their license plate and it is unusual to call a taxi on the street on our island, like we are used to in the US and large parts of Europe. On Sunday and public holidays the taxi drivers charge slightly higher fares and also during the evening and night the fares are higher.