Scooter Bonaire

Ideal conditions

Because the island is relatively small, the sun almost always shines and there is very little rain, Bonaire has the ideal conditions to explore the beautiful island with a scooter.

Increasing popularity

The use of scooters has been gaining popularity on our island lately and that is mainly because scooters consume little fuel, although the petrol on the island, compared to Europe is not expensive at all. You can easily park anywhere, although we don’t have real parking problems on Bonaire. The main reason, judged by what our guests tell us, is that in an environment like this, on an island surrounded by an azure blue, clear sea, it is of course much more fun to sit outside than in a closed car.

Various scooter rental companies

There are several scooter rental companies on the island and all lessors on the coral island ask for an ID (identity card, passport or driver’s license) and a deposit (or a credit card). If you rent a scooter for several days, some lessors will deliver the vehicle to your Sunwise accommodations.

Scooters rental companies on Bonaire are:

Scooters Bonaire
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