Car Rental Bonaire

No public transport

There is no public transport on Bonaire and because walking is often too far, cycling too hot and riding a scooter, especially in the evening, can be quite an adventure on Bonaire, to have a car at your disposal is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. And especially when you want to go to the national park, you really need a car! But what do you have to pay attention to when you rent a car on Bonaire?

Car rental Bonaire, be alert!

When you rent a car on our island, there is, besides the sometimes quite special traffic rules on Bonaire, a number of things to keep a close eye on:

  • are there extra costs for an extra driver?
  • does the gas tank have to be full when returning the car?
  • is the mileage unlimited?
  • what about insurances?

Arrange car insurance properly

In particular the last point, the insurances concerning car hire, is very important. Please read the insurance details carefully before signing the contract. It can cost you a lot of money if this is not properly arranged. Take special notice

  • if car theft is insured
  • how high the deductible is
  • whether the car is fully insured
  • whether any towing costs are insured
  • how high the deductible is in case of a possible liability claim

The best deal for our guests

At Sunwise Bonaire we notice that many people are skeptical about car rental companies on Bonaire and the main reason for this is that the insurances as mentioned above, often are not present, or are not or not correct communicated with the renter of the car.
We have closed an excellent deal for our guests with AB Car Rental, the car rental company on Bonaire with the largest and best maintained fleet.

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