Bonaire Transportation

Transport vehicle very desirable

When you are on Bonaire, it is almost necessary to have access to a vehicle. There is no public transport on the island and the taxis present are often very busy at the airport or at the cruise ships. There is so much more to see on Bonaire than just the direct surroundings of your Sunwise accommodation and when you want to look at all that beauty at ease, walking is usually too far. Do you want to reach the many shore diving spots on the island or do you want to see all that fascinating natural beauty (Washington Slagbaai, Goto Lake, Brandaris, etc.) in the north of the island, then you really need a car! For the beaches, restaurants and shops in the neighborhood a bike or scooter is best to do!

Selection Transportation Bonaire

CAR – When you rent a car on our island, there is, besides the sometimes quite special traffic rules on Bonaire, a number of things to keep a close eye on!
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TAXI – On Bonaire there are taxis around, but the drivers often are very busy with their customers at the airport or the passengers coming off the cruise ships.
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BICYCLE – Cycling on Bonaire is okay to do, but take into account the heat, the often strong winds and the bad roads that are also unlit.
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SCOOTER – Exploring the island on a scooter is an excellent idea. But just like with cycling, keep in mind the poorly maintained and unlit roads on Bonaire.
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