Motor boat rental Bonaire

Sail to Klein Bonaire yourself

A good reason to rent a motor vessel on Bonaire is to easily reach Klein Bonaire on your own. This uninhabited island off our coast can also be reached with the various water taxis, but sailing yourself, of course something amazing!

View Bonaire from another side

Another advantage of motor boating is that our guests can then – literally – look at Bonaire from a different angle. Most rental companies, for the sake of safety, limit the area where you can go with the rental boat, between Punt Vierkant and Oil Slick Leap, near the office of Stinapa. But in between these two points our guests come across many beautiful villas on the waterfront, just like the most idyllic beaches and as said, Klein Bonaire!

The rental companies at a glance

The companies for motor boat rental Bonaire, by the way without a boat sailing license, are:

Aqua Fun Bonaire
Blue Bay Bonaire
Bonaire Boat Rentals
Le Grand Bleu