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Shore diving on pristine reefs

Bonaire is known worldwide for its simple side dives. The island is also called ‘shore dive capital of the world‘ and it’s obvious why! Most diving happens in the lee of the west side of the island, but there is another side of the island … the Bonaire east coast!

The Wild Side

The east side of Bonaire is also known as the wild side. This side, where the currents and winds come in, offers a unique and more adventurous diving experience compared to the west side. With almost flat and particularly wide coral reefs and steep, rugged walls, the east coast has a wide variety of diving locations that are very different from the western side dives.

Selection dive centers Bonaire

B.A.S. Diving is the only real shore dive guide for the east coast and the second east coast dive operator, next to Bonaire East Coast Diving.

Bonaire East Coast Diving offers daily trips to the east coast, not from shore, but from a specially designed RIB. One of the tubes of the RIB can be partially taken away, to give easy access to the boat after the dives.

AB Dive is one of our favorite one-stop dive shops on the island. Not only because our guests can follow all PADI courses at AB, Air or Nitrox, and can rent all imaginable equipment, but especially because they are the perfect combination with AB Car Rental.

Dive Friends Bonaire has seven locations on the island, so that, for example, changing tanks can always be done in the vicinity of the Sunwise accommodations!

Download here the PDF with the Bonaire Map Dive Sites, that you can see below:

Bonaire Map Dive Sites
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