Montaña Hiking Trail

26 September 2020 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

In our series about island tours on Bonaire, today we take you on the uphill Montaña Hiking Trail, for stunning views!

Walking uphill, for amazing views!

In one of our previous blogposts we told you about the Red Hill Hike. A tour of 45 minutes on the east coast of Bonaire. This time we are going to talk about the Montaña Hike. Totally different from the Red Hill Hike, but just as beautiful! 

The start of the route is in Rincon, close to Dos Pos and Echo’s conservation park. As the name already tells you, Montaña (Mountain), we will be walking uphill today. Good work out for the calves! In about 30 minutes you will reach the top off the hill, while walking over a small path and sometimes climbing a few rocks. At the top you have a beautiful view over the sea. This is where the official route stops. To have the more spectacular view you can climb through the trees to the other side of the hill. Here you have an amazing view over Bonaire’s Goto lake! 

Combine it with Dos Pos route

After enjoying the view, you will climb down the same route. For the best views and daylight, the end of the afternoon is the perfect moment to do this hike. In case you have the feeling this hike is too short for you, you can always combine it with the Dos Pos route. 

Tip: maps of the hike, bike and car routes are available at the tourist office in town.

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