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7 May 2018 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: 2 minutes

Explore Bonaire’s top five attractions: breathtaking nature in Washington Slagbaai National Park, fascinating historical sites, enjoying local delicacies, relaxing on secluded beaches and exciting water sports. Experience enchanting beauty, rich history and unforgettable memories during your Bonaire vacation.

If you’ve ever considered a Bonaire vacation, you probably already know that this beautiful Caribbean island is known for its breathtaking nature and fantastic dive sites. But did you know that there are plenty of other Bonaire vacation attractions that are definitely worth exploring? In this article, I will take you on a journey along my personal top 5 attractions on Bonaire – I am sure they will impress you!

1. Enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature on Bonaire

Of course, an exploration of the pristine landscape should absolutely not be missed during your Bonaire vacation. From vast mangroves to rugged rock formations and caves – don’t forget:

  • The Washington Slagbaai National Park: with unique wildlife such as lizards, flamingos and iguanas
  • The Saliñas full of colorful flamingos: the pink delight in these salt flats will never bore you! Personal tip: visit the Saliñas during sunrise – a wonderful experience you will never forget.

2. Dive into Bonaire’s fascinating past

A Bonaire vacation is not only about nature and diving, but also about culture and history. So if you love history, there are plenty of places where you can learn a lot:

  • The Fort Orange: built in the 17th century and now a museum with unique objects
  • The slave houses: memories of the lives of enslaved people on Bonaire – despite their bleak background, they provide unique insight.
Unique Bonaire vacation attractions: Fort Orange

3. Taste local delicacies

During my first bonaire vacation, I quickly discovered that the food here is heavenly! Let your taste buds enjoy:

  • Visit one of the many restaurants at Kralendijk; go for fresh fish dishes such as “Sopi di Piská”
  • Don’t forget to stop at Cadushy Distillery: this charming distillery makes local liqueurs from cacti!

4. Relaxation pure and simple: deserted little beaches

If we value anything in our list of Bonaire vacation sights, it’s long afternoons lounging on breathtaking little beaches. Sometimes of coral stones, sometimes of fine white sand:

  • Sorobon Beach on the azure waters of Lac Bay
  • Te Amo Beach near the airport, perfect for snorkeling!

As far as I’m concerned, visiting these beaches is an absolute must. You want to experience the ultimate vacation feeling, right?

5. Make magical memories: sailing and kitesurfing

In addition to these attractions, I recommend planning at least one adventure day! After all, Bonaire is perfect for the water sports enthusiasts among us:

  • A relaxing sail between the main island and Klein Bonaire, during sunset
  • Alternate the pace of your vacation by taking a kitesurfing lesson at Atlantis Beach

Enjoy your Bonaire vacation sights to the fullest – there is so much beauty to see, taste and experience. And don’t forget to bring your camera. Preferably for underwater too; you’ll want to capture every moment!

Favorite Bonaire vacation attractions: flamingos
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