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23 July 2023 by Casper Douma - Reading time: 2 minutes

Discover the majestic Warawara, an essential bird of prey of Bonaire, whose hunting skills help maintain the ecosystem. Conservation measures are needed to preserve this bird, threatened by habitat loss and pollution, for future generations.

The Warawara: a bird of prey in Bonaire.

The Warawara is a majestic bird of prey that graces the skies of Bonaire and other Caribbean islands. Characterized by its broad wings and short tail, the Warawara exudes strength and agility. While it soars effortlessly above the landscape. Its powerful flight is complemented by its sharp talons and beak, making it a formidable hunter. It adepts at capturing small mammals and reptiles. These predatory skills are vital for maintaining the ecological balance on Bonaire, as the Warawara helps control the populations of these creatures, preventing overpopulation and the subsequent disruption of the local habitat. However, despite its crucial role in the ecosystem, the Warawara faces significant threats. Habitat loss, primarily due to urban expansion and agricultural development, reduces the areas available for nesting and hunting. Additionally, pollution, particularly from pesticides and other chemicals, can contaminate its food sources, leading to health issues and decreased reproductive success.

Casper Douma Photography

“Bon dia tur hende i bon bini na dushi Boneiru!”
My name is Casper Douma and I am a photographer. Since 2014 I’ve been living on this beautiful island, surrounded by a fringing reef. At first glance, you may see mostly cacti and drought, but Bonaire is a little gem if you get to know it better. I would like to take you on one of my photography tours to show you all the special places of Bonaire. In small groups of maximum 4 people I give you a unique look at the beauty of Bonaire. Became curious? Take a look at my website! I wish you a lot of fun on beautiful Bonaire.

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