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2 April 2023 by Casper Douma - Reading time: 2 minutes

Seru Grandi, or “Big Mountain” on Bonaire, rises from a geological history of volcanic activity and coral deposits. This landscape feature, formed from millions of corals, offers unique insight into the origins of the island and is a wonderful destination for visitors.

Seru Grandi, “Big Mountain” in Washington Slagbaai Nationalpark Bonaire.

Seru Grandi, which means “Big Mountain,” is an impressive natural monument on Bonaire. Bonaire has formed over the centuries through undersea volcanic eruptions and the deposition of oceanic material. As a result, the island slowly rose from the sea floor. About 60 million years ago, the rock first rose above sea level, and was gradually surrounded by coral limestone. This geological activity continued with significant uplifts about 2 million years ago and again around 40,000 years ago. This led to the formation of limestone terraces. These consist of the skeletons of millions of tiny corals, remnants of what were once living reefs. These terraces are still a visible and remarkable feature of Bonaire’s landscape today, with Seru Grandi rising above them like a striking peak.

Casper Douma Photography

“Bon dia tur hende i bon bini na dushi Boneiru!”
My name is Casper Douma and I am a photographer. Since 2014 I’ve been living on this beautiful island, surrounded by a fringing reef. At first glance, you may see mostly cacti and drought, but Bonaire is a little gem if you get to know it better. I would like to take you on one of my photography tours to show you all the special places of Bonaire. In small groups of maximum 4 people I give you a unique look at the beauty of Bonaire. Became curious? Take a look at my website! I wish you a lot of fun on beautiful Bonaire.

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