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25 January 2021 by Casper Douma - Reading time: < 1 minute

The royal family visited Bonaire, exploring its culture, traditions, and natural splendor. Their participation in local projects emphasized the close relationship between Bonaire and the kingdom. Here you can see Princess Beatrix on a tour.

The royal family, Princess Beatrix, visiting Bonaire.

The royal family visits Bonaire regularly. These events leave a deep impression on both locals and visitors to the island. During the royal family’s stay, they took extensive time to experience Bonaire’s unique culture, traditions and natural beauty. They were involved in various community projects and events. This highlighted their commitment to social and environmental issues. This visit not only underscored the strong ties between Bonaire and the Kingdom, but also served as a platform to draw international attention to the island’s special challenges and opportunities. The islanders’ warm welcome and interaction with the royal family reflected the mutual appreciation and respect between them.

Casper Douma Photography

“Bon dia tur hende i bon bini na dushi Boneiru!”
My name is Casper Douma and I am a photographer. Since 2014 I’ve been living on this beautiful island, surrounded by a fringing reef. At first glance, you may see mostly cacti and drought, but Bonaire is a little gem if you get to know it better. I would like to take you on one of my photography tours to show you all the special places of Bonaire. In small groups of maximum 4 people I give you a unique look at the beauty of Bonaire. Became curious? Take a look at my website! I wish you a lot of fun on beautiful Bonaire.

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