Bonaire in 100 photos – longest tree

15 August 2020 by Casper Douma - Reading time: < 1 minute

The longest tree on Bonaire, surrounded by local legends and admired for its length, is a symbol of the island’s pristine beauty and tells a story of resilience and survival despite harsh climatic conditions.

The longest tree on Bonaire.

Bonaire has a special tree, the longest on the island. Its species is not unique, but its length is. Local legends surround its existence, full of tales of resilience and growth. Despite harsh climatic conditions, it has stood the test of time. Visitors look at it in wonder. The tree is not only a natural wonder, but also a symbol of Bonaire’s pristine beauty. Its roots, deep in the earth and above, tell a story of survival. The tree provides a home for various species of birds and animals.

Casper Douma Photography

“Bon dia tur hende i bon bini na dushi Boneiru!”
My name is Casper Douma and I am a photographer. Since 2014 I’ve been living on this beautiful island, surrounded by a fringing reef. At first glance, you may see mostly cacti and drought, but Bonaire is a little gem if you get to know it better. I would like to take you on one of my photography tours to show you all the special places of Bonaire. In small groups of maximum 4 people I give you a unique look at the beauty of Bonaire. Became curious? Take a look at my website! I wish you a lot of fun on beautiful Bonaire.

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