Bonaire in 100 photos – Jawfish eggs

5 January 2021 by Casper Douma - Reading time: < 1 minute

The jawfish can be found in Bonaire’s waters, and if you are very lucky, the jawfish carries eggs in its mouth.

A special fish from Bonaire’s underwater world: the jawfish.

The jawfish is a family of small marine fish known for their interesting behavior, with in particular the way they take care of their offspring. In fact, the jawfish carries the eggs in its mouth. Here the male is usually responsible for carrying, guarding and protecting the eggs until they hatch. Once the eggs are ready to hatch, the jawfish releases the jawfish larvae, which have formed in the meantime, into the water. The larvae then float away and will begin their independent lives. Among others at Bari Reef, these special fish are often found and if you are very lucky, the jawfish will have eggs in its mouth.

Casper Douma Photography

β€œBon dia tur hende i bon bini na dushi Boneiru!”
My name is Casper Douma and I am a photographer. Since 2014 I’ve been living on this beautiful island, surrounded by a fringing reef. At first glance, you may see mostly cacti and drought, but Bonaire is a little gem if you get to know it better. I would like to take you on one of my photography tours to show you all the special places of Bonaire. In small groups of maximum 4 people I give you a unique look at the beauty of Bonaire. Became curious? Take a look at my website! I wish you a lot of fun on beautiful Bonaire.”

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