Bonaire caves: wonderland beneath the surface

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Bonaire has around 400 caves, some of which are accessible to visitors, but some require some climbing and crawling. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a lamp. Tour operators offer cave tours. Popular spots include Washington Slagbaai, Sabadeco and El Pueblo Villas. Cave Tours Bonaire is a must-visit for dry and wet caves. Sunwise Bonaire has villas nearby.


A complete guide to caving on Bonaire

Caves are a unique and interesting feature of the island of Bonaire. With different types of caverns, including limestone caverns, lava tubes, and sea caves, visitors have a wide range of options to explore. Guests often ask Sunwise Bonaire about visiting and learning more about these caves. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information on cave tours, where to find caverns, accessibility, and local tour operators.

Types of caves on Bonaire

Bonaire’s range of cave formations includes limestone caves formed by acidic rainwater dissolving limestone rock and lava tubes formed by flowing lava. The constant pounding of waves on the coastline has also formed sea caverns on the island. The different types of caves offer visitors a unique experience, and each cave has its own story to tell.

Cave Tours Bonaire

Where to find caverns on Bonaire

Throughout the island, Bonaire’s caves are present, but some locations are more popular than others. Washington Slagbaai National Park is a popular destination for cave exploration, as it features several limestone caves and lava tubes. Cave tours are available to explore caverns in nature around Sabadeco and near El Pueblo Villas en to include them in photography workshops!

Access to Bonaire’s caves

Most caverns on Bonaire are accessible to visitors. However, some may require visitors to climb stairs or navigate narrow passageways, making it less ideal for visitors with small children or mobility issues. We strongly recommend visitors to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a light.

Bonaire Island Cave

Cave Tours on Bonaire

For those interested in exploring Bonaire’s caverns, there are several local tour operators that offer guided tours. Cave Tours Bonaire has taken over Flow Bonaire, which used to be a cave tour specialist for years. These tours are led by experienced guides who can provide insight into the history and geology of the caverns, as well as ensure the safety of visitors.

Bonaire’s caves are a unique adventure for nature lovers and offer a different perspective on the island’s beauty. Bonaire’s underground has something for everyone, from limestone to lava or sea caverns to explore.

Team Sunwise’s experience with cave tours of Flow Bonaire

As said, Flow Bonaire has teamed up with Cave Tours Bonaire and they have a certification to offer a guided cave tour. According to us, an absolute must-do! Our experience with Leo Hoogenboom of Flow Bonaire was truly unique and we are sure he passed that on to CTB.

Leo had advised us to wear a light jacket. Temperatures in Bonaire’s underground caves are relatively high compared to outdoor temperatures. And he strongly recommended us to wear sturdy shoes, because the soil in the caverns can be slippery. And even to bring mask and snorkel! Why? We found out soon enough, after parking the Flow bus near the second walk…

Cave's Eye Bonaire

Dry caverns at Sabadeco Bonaire

First we went to the Sabadeco area, via a goat trail, we went into a dry cave. You can leave “dry” out because the enormous humidity, water flows along your body. It was an ideal family tour with light climbing, narrow passages, and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, leading deeper into the cavern. In some rooms there where hundreds of bats hanging at the ceiling. Leo possesses extensive knowledge about the caverns, their origins, and the surrounding flora and fauna. Very interesting to listen to!

Wet caves at Hilltop, near El Pueblo Villas Bonaire

After exploring a dry cave, we drove further north to a wet cavern where we discovered the reason for the request to bring a mask and snorkel. After scrambling down a ladder, we found ourselves in water and followed the cavern corridors by swimming with the diving lamps provided by Flow. It was surprising to see no fish in the water, as we were used to seeing thousands while diving and snorkeling. Leo, our guide and freedive instructor, showed us unreachable vaults and spaces in the deep using his lamp.. Overall, it was a great experience and we now know what to recommend to people who ask us for indoor activities on Bonaire during bad weather.

Ancient cave full of mystery on  Bonaire

Sunwise’s accommodations near the caverns

Those planning to visit Bonaire’s caves may find it convenient to stay near a cave entrance, regardless of group size.

Sunwise Bonaire offers a group of villas near the caverns where our guests can do the cave tours.

Explore these villas!

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