A great experience at Club BLVD

22 December 2022 by Sunwise Bonaire - Reading time: < 1 minute

The newest addition to the island, Club BLVD in the old Pirate’s House, looks sleek and neatly groomed and the staff is super friendly.

Team Sunwise Bonaire likes to explore the possibilities on the island for its guests, to enrich their vacations with culinary adventures, educational tours and sporting ventures.

So last night for a bite and drink with friends/business associates, we went to the newest addition to the island: Club BLVD. This club in the old Pirate’s House, looks sleek and neat and the staff, like manager Lotje, are super friendly.
They weren’t shy about deviating from the menu for us, because the six of us wanted to share dishes “a la tapas”.

In short: beautiful location, cozy ambiance, lots of hospitality and good food and as far as we are concerned a must for all our guests!

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