Bonaire weather and contact information

Many sun hours per day

With an average number of sun hours of about 9 per day – on an annual basis that is around 3,000 hours – it can be called extremely sunny. The blue skies over Bonaire are almost always mixed with beautiful clouds, which contrast sharply above the azure coastal waters. The average highest daytime temperature varies from 29 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius (that is 84 – 89 Fahrenheit), with the hottest months being May to September. The rain level on Bonaire is extremely low (less than 18 inches per year, 460 mm!). The ‘rainy season’ runs from October to January and the driest months are March to June.

Current Bonaire weather situation

Our guests can read our blog post about the Bonaire weather for detailed information about climate and weather on our island, but for the current weather forecast for Bonaire, the website of Meteo Curacao is the most reliable. This website is also used by the islanders to see if there are tropical storms nearby.

Great climate for many purposes

The Bonaire weather and climate is, because of the very regular wind and wind direction, extremely favorable for the various sailing sports, such as windsurfing, kiteboarding and of course sailing in a sailboat. Because of the number of sun hours, the southern part of the Caribbean where Bonaire is located is very popular with beachgoers and other sunbathers: you can enjoy the high sun all year round!
The same sun shows a beautiful color spectacle for divers and snorkelers on the coral reefs in the clear water.

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Our contact details

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Bonaire Weather